Mama’s Timeout …

Exactly that.

I needed this.. not away from writing but from other situations. I have spent the last few weeks re-evaluating my whole position on many things. I’ve never had to break down in such a way – but external factors can push and push until things snap. Unfortunately, this led to me not writing as I just felt it difficult to get my words out.

Timeout. Not as a form of punishment or to teach a lesson … but a time to calm down and re-compose myself.

It’s made me step back and try plan and picture things a couple of weeks ahead , a couple of months ahead and try imagine what would work best for me and the kids.

After a stretch of trying to make things work for the family and myself, it’s a time for change. Something that has been comfortable and a haven of friends for me, my workplace is finally not working for me. This has been a first in my working career – so quite a bitter pill to swallow. After all, I’ve tried to make it work, really tried. I’ve always given it my all – how could it not work?

Made me realise how easy it was before having a family to just work all hours, there was no limit to what you do and how far you push yourself. Hats off to mums and dads everywhere working and making tough decisions…… all for our kids. The juggling act we all do whilst trying to maintain some sort of balance is beyond extraordinary.

Exciting times lie ahead and scary ones … I’m venturing out to try something different and making a new start. Very timely as my son starts school soon, such a big time for him too.

Wish me luck! Hope to write more very, very soon.

Much love x


Just how different could no.1 & no.2 be??


It’s true that bringing up a child is a learning experience – it teaches you so, so much and there’s surprises along the way too. When our youngest came along – we were not aware of how different she would be to my son. The initial few months were nothing to go by – we did things very differently to how we did with our son – the biggest difference for me being that I stopped breastfeeding her much earlier due to circumstances at the time. Continue reading “Just how different could no.1 & no.2 be??”

Henna Passion…


green blackOkay…this is something you will hear lots about from me. I grew up loving to put Henna on others, especially at times of festivals or weddings. And even till today – the love for henna designs is still there. I love the intricacies, the flow and patterns. It’s immensely therapeutic for me.

In the last few years, I have used this form of art in many other ways.

Firstly, I tried my hand at using glitter glues on canvasses – and the sparkle added a new dimension to it. Once I got going there was no stopping – gemstones and swarovski crystals came into the mix.  I’ve always promised myself, that when the time is right I would make one large size canvas for a wall which would blow anyone away!

This was followed by my other passion – food/cake!! I begun baking and decided to bring my skills into making a yummy cake look beautiful! (not that it held anyone back from attacking it to eat it!).

This particular one was for a 17th birthday – and I was very impressed if I say so myself.

17 cake side

There’s no stopping of where you can use the art of henna – it doesn’t have to be on your hands or body but on so much more. Would love to hear if you have done something similar.

I hope you have loved me nattering on about it – and it will be back again at some point!

Much love x

Round 2!

So… 24th January, I decided to finally get to a class with Hype Fitness in Sutton. I’d had Round 1 with Hype Fitness back in early 2013 and had months of classes which helped me feel some noticeable change. But then coming back from our holiday and bouts of sickness – and I was back to where I started.

Now, having had my second child – and wanting to be the ‘full of energy’ and fitter Mama for my two little ones – I’ve embarked on this journey. It’s not going to be easy- I know that it’s always been difficult for me to lose weight, like most mum’s I usually lack sleep (my youngest still gets up at night), and the daily schedule is so full I wish there was some more time -It’s easy to lose track of the goal ahead.

I find it hard to just get motivated to exercise myself at home – I’d end up planting myself on the sofa or not give it my 100%. Going out running just hasn’t ever appealed to me – yet! I say ‘yet’ – as my husband is a new fan of running – and is constantly trying to pull me over to it!

Getting back to the classes – 24th January – Boogie Bounce Class – such a fun, exhilarating class. I absolutely loved it – it was crazy thinking I’d be on a mini trampoline… and after 5 minutes my calves began to feel it. I enjoyed the class and just wanted to keep going through it, forgetting at times that my muscles were shaking and my body was not moving quickly as what my mind wanted. I did come out on a high from the class… and went away to book two the same class a few days later.

Luckily, by the time the second class came around – I just about recovered. The instructor for the class was a good balance of ‘motivating and pushy’ to get you to do that bit more.

I’m going to aim to get at least a couple of these classes in each week now, in addition to my healthy eating I aim for a drop of at least 2 dress sizes by June! Wish me luck -will keep you posted each week on my progress!

Keep posted for the updates and if you are also on a similar journey – would love to hear from you! 🙂

x Rubia x



“Mama, why are you always angry?”

Yes, this is a question my four year old has asked many a times….. most of the times I know this question only pops up when he’s being told off for trying to drag his one year old sister by her leg, when he’s been hiding under the cushions in his bed for ages in a game of hide and seek and I’m not allowed to ‘find’ him!!..and for many other reasons like these.

However, I know that there are days when my mood is influenced by many outside factors and the pressure mums juggle with – it’s all normal – after all many mums do what I do – but sometimes it can get too much – and the rushing around and trying to do a zillion things …. sometimes with the noise of them fighting, crying – it feel like a blur and ‘mama’ telling off becomes such a bad thing.

I try, when the kids finally sleep at night or when it’s nearing that time – mentally I’m assessing – how have I been today?? Is that bad to do that?? because what follows is guilt and then a promise that next day would be better.

I guess this post comes up with a few days of my four year old being stuck indoors, chickenpox, cold, temperature and resting around and the pressure of taking on a lot recently.

So what’s the answer?

I wish I knew… I certainly don’t want to take away some of my ‘Supermum’ chores away from myself, after all some things have to be done – so how will I do it? I think I need to have  some dedicated ‘me’ time and time to break up my day and some time to collect myself together a few times a day.’Me’ time doesn’t come too easily to me – and I’m first to put that down on the priority list.

Wish me luck – I certainly don’t want to be remembered as an ‘angry’ mum. Well – not excusing the times when my son’s teaching his sister to jump from sofa to our coffee table!!!

I’m sure you will hear more on this at some point.

Much love x





Chickenpox x 2

Argh! I thought we had seen the back of Chickenpox just over a week ago with my one year old suddenly coming up with them. Although the first couple of days of high temperature was bad enough and the clinginess that follows after a child being unwell – she was back to herself two-three days later. In fact, within the week it was difficult for anyone to notice that she had even had the Chickenpox. Twenty or so spread over her body maybe…

But returning to work this week, and with both at nursery – it was a matter of getting back into the routines. It was my husband alerting me to my four year old’s body at bath time – and having seen it just two weeks ago – there was no doubt about what it could be. My only hope was for it to be mild.

It’s strange – colleagues had told me at work about how different chickenpox can be in girls and boys…

Today was spent mostly lazing around – some emotional meltdowns at times where the spots were a bit more painful or they were itching or rubbing on something. He’s been such a good boy for not itching but it’s been a true test for him. He’s covered practically in them – some new ones even appearing in the mouth which has then brought in the fear of eating.

I can’t say how much I’m waiting for this to be over – yes, I’m glad they have had them both out of the way… but it’s an awful time for them – trying to explain why it happens and them feeling so uncomfortable about it.

Having not even thought of Chickenpox in the slightest about a month ago – I send hugs to those with them and their mummies and daddies who are trying to keep their little one’s chins up through it.

Be back soon x

Intro time…

Well, finally I’m on here writing – it’s been on my mind for many weeks and I guess I was waiting for the right time – for the words to flow.

Here it started for me – my son. It was when he arrived, and as he grew that I felt as complete as could be. A feeling I must share with most mothers everywhere – he has made me realise that there is no limit to the amount of love that a parent could have for their child.

To make things more complete, it was the arrival of our precious daughter. We had buillt up her arrival to our son so much. that he still likes to talk about when she came from the special place in the clouds to be with him. Both of them make our lives beautiful.

I want to be able to share some moments of our journey together as a family, share the ups and downs, and stories. Stories which I feel are formed, when we meet new people and when new things happen to us. I also want these posts to become set down as something to be looked back at after some time has passed for two of the most important little people in the world – who are peacefully asleep right now (I hope this lasts through the night!!).

Whilst these two are growing  up – it’s the neverending story of things to do lists, routines for the children, clearing up (it pretty much never stops!), meal planning and trying best to look after one’s health too. I’m excited about all the posts which haven’t even been written yet!

Well, that’s a bit of an intro from me – I will write soon and hope that you will be joining me again.

Much love x